A shot above all…or shots for all? 🙂


Looking for a CAD Design Studio that serves breakfast, that’s not us, we don’t compete with the Golden Arches, our arches fell years ago. Cocktails at 11am is more our style. Talk about CREATIVE … by noon many of our clients have passed out exploring their Creativity!


We run circles around our competition, or maybe it’s just the room going in circles. We are here for you. Every job estimate comes with a non-refundable $6.00 shot of homemade potato vodka (a $2.00 value). Try to find that with another CAD Design Studio.


Unlike our homemade Vodka Processing, our state of the art CAD equipment is certainly Top Shelf. Our extensive jewelry experience and Design skills out shine our best brewing methods.


Whether you are helping us peel potatoes or peeling back the many layers of ideas, you will find we are as passionate as you about your goals. Concept developments, wax printing mold making, prototyping or high definition animation video whether for private designers or retail establishments, are given the utmost attention to detail.


As you leave to the sounds of the cheering staff and your hangover fades, you will be thrilled to know your vodka soaked napkin has been hung on our conference wall, slightly skewed, but there none the less for all to lay witness to your first step towards success!


Spinning? We not only spin the bottle, but the globe as well! No matter where, we can mentor any designer or establishment via Skype.
Call us anytime, our answering machine is on and we will get back to you once we find our phone.

3DM Jewelry Design Team/