Jewelry Design Video Course – “Start Your Jewelry Collection”

by mentor and jewelry designer Aleksander Chuly (Bio)

Jewelry Design Video Course – Start Your Jewelry Collection

Our Jewelry Design video course includes information on all of the following:


  • Introduction & A step-by-step explanation of the jewelry design process.
  • Helpful tips on design ideas and where to find inspiration.
  • How can I design if I can’t draw?
  • Do I need to know how to make jewelry to start designing?
  • Concept and design.
  • Should I learn CAD, or just find a CAD designer to work on my designs?
  • 3D wax printing, and wax carving.
  • Casting process.
  • How to find jewelry suppliers and services.
  • Tips on negotiation with suppliers, services and their terms.
  • Jewelry shops and production houses. One stop shop or run around.
  • Interview with Marco Delano, one of the most successful polisher in New York.
  • Interview with owner of “Taba Casting Co”, one of the largest casting houses in New York.
  • BONUS Interview with our diamond dialer Raj Mody.
  • Brand name and building brand awareness.
  • The importance of packaging.
  • How to price your jewelry and your time.
  • Selling your jewelry online vs. retail.
  • Testing things out, and getting feedback. “PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF GOOD”.
  • Opening a corporation and choosing a business name. NDA, Trademark, and Copyright.
  • Most popular platforms for selling online. eBay, Amazon etc.
  • Most efficient way to build your website, even with limited web design skills. Start promoting your product on different platforms starting from $5 a day.
  • The importance of quality product pictures and video.
  • Biggest mistakes designers make.

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